Security Cameras 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the security sector, enhancing the capabilities of surveillance cameras in several ways:

AI-equipped security cameras trigger instant alarms when detecting suspicious activity, allowing for swift intervention and response.
AI Powered cameras utilize machine vision to identify specific objects, such as people or vehicles. They can distinguish between potential threats and harmless elements like animals or debris.

Unlike traditional systems, AI-powered cameras significantly reduce false alarms caused by environmental factors (e.g., moving branches). This accuracy minimizes unnecessary alerts.

AI algorithms analyze vast amounts of video data swiftly, aiding investigations and incident reviews.

Turing Vision VMS

Turing Vision VMS is a Web-based platform to access live video, playback, AI events, and search & share event clips more efficiently.

▪ No need to install a VMS program on any
▪ Access your cameras anywhere there is
▪ Easy-to-use VMS experience for the end user